Chapter contents

1. Introducing the idea of the Talibans and what they've done to Afghanistan. Also the effects of the bombing.
When theTaliban were aound, what she wanted most was to be invisible. - p11
2. Showing the difficulty of Parvana and her family's lives living under the autority of the Taliban. Parvana's father being taken.
"We Afghans do everything we can to make our guest comfortable. But if someone comes into our house or our country acting like our enemy, then we will defend our home." - Parvana's father, p29 to 30
3. The aftermath of Pavama's father being taken and the hopelessness of trying to get him back.
At first light, mother, Nooria and Parvana stopped pretending they were asleep.- p39
4. Parvana's mother becoming depressed and the family losing hope. Everyone starting to look at Parvana for help.
He didn't crawl around any more when he was put on the floor. He spent most of his time curled up in a ball with his thumb in his mouth. - p53
5. Parvana going to the market and Mrs Weera coming to help the family.
Nooria snatched it from her hands. "You are the stupidest girl! Now all we need is for you to get sick! How could anyone as stupid end up as my sister!" - Nooria, p63
6. Parvana taking up her role as the new boy of the family.
Now with her face open to the sunshine, she was invisible in another way. She was just another boy on the street. - p72
7. Parvana takes up her fathers profession to get money for her family.
"Pay whatever you like." Parvana said. Her father used to say that. - p81
8. Parvana and her family begin to get comfortable with their new life.
Parvana loved being in the market. She loved watching people move along the street, loved hearing snatches of conversation that reached her ears, loved reading the letters that people brought to her. - p93
9. Parvana's new friend, Shauzia, comes over and the faily starts thinking ambitiously.
Nooria had ideas for the school. She had been planning to go to teachers collage when she finished high school before theTalibans had changed her plans. - p103
10. Parvanaand Shauzia try to earn more money by digging up bones to sell.
But every time she closed her eyes she saw Mr. Skull and his companions lined up on the gravstones, grinning at her. - p115
11. Parvana gathers enough money to buy a tray for her latest scheme and finds out what happens on Friday's.
"Go home, boys," the kind man told them. "Go home and remember better things." - p124
12. Parvana starts getting tired of seeing the effects of the Taliban rule.
She was no longer interested in the snipets of conversation she heard from people strolling by. Every where there were people who were hungry and sick. - p132
13. Nooria and her mother leave for Nooria's wedding.
"There's no future for me here. At least in Mazar I can go to school, walk the street without having to wear a burqa and get a job when I've finished school. Maybe in Mazar I can have some sort of a life. Yes, I want to do this." - Nooria, p138
14. Parvana helps a woman who brings news that may put her mother and sister in danger.
"I escape from Mazar-e-shrif just after the Taliban captured the city." - the crying woman, p152 to 153
15. Parvana says goodbye.
Would she still be in Afghanistan? Would Aghanistan finally have peace? Would she go to school, have a job, be married? - p163